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Addictive Blog Award

When I turned on my phone this morning I was absolutely chuffed to bits to discover that Lori from Dear Ms Migraine had nominated me for the Addictive Blog Award.

At first I wasn’t sure if someone had hacked into her account and was sending spam messages, but on closer inspection I realised it was true! Without wanting to go all Gwyneth Paltrow, I’d like to thank Lori for this nomination- it really made my day.

Here are the Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person awarding you.
  2. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started.
  3. Paste the blog award on your page.
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award.


I started my blog only a few weeks ago after a number of other failed blogging attempts, and am so shocked (but pleased) that someone is already enjoying it. I wanted to get into blogging for a few reasons but mainly to connect with other like minded people who share the same passions I do for beautiful stuff, lovely thoughts and creativity.   The reason my previous blogs failed is because I struggled to keep up the momentum in writing posts that I 100% believed in, instead trying to emulate blogs that I wanted to be like.


Below are my nominations, which is a mixed bag of blogs that are well-known (and have probably had this award many times over), and some less well-known gems that I love to read:

  1. Pickles
  2. Playing with Flour
  3. Honestly wtf
  4. A Beautiful Mess
  5. Little Buckles
  6.  Hippie Itch
  7.  Loving Homemade
  8. Design by Lulu
  9. Brooklyn Vegetarian
  10. Kate’s Creative Space

One comment on “Addictive Blog Award

  1. lovinghomemade
    September 23, 2012

    Thank you very much – love your blog!

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