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DIY Brooch Pin

Browsing the Cath Kidston website I came across some lovely brooch pins like these and thought it would be easy to make my own.





They seem to be really popular at the moment because I found lots of other examples across the internet. Scroll down for instructions on how to make your own.






To make a brooch pin you will need:

  • A necklace with lots of charms. I bought one for £1 from Primark.
  • A kilt pin. You can buy these from a haberdashery or from ebay.
  • A pair of round nose pliers.
  • Jewellery fixing rings
  • Ribbons, beads and charms if you want to add anymore bling to it.

How to

1. Detach the charms from your necklace. Mine were all attached by a small chain which I removed in full from the main necklace.

2. Use the pliers to open up your fixing rings and attach to your chain, making sure you close them tightly. Evenly space the chain along your pin to avoid bunching, and try not to twist the chain when attaching it to your kilt pit as the charms will not fall correctly.

3. If you want to add your own charms or keep it minimal, then just remove them individually from the necklace and choose which ones you want to add attaching them in the same way with your fixing rings.


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