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Pasta making with Jamie Oliver

This weekend was a bank holiday here in the UK and to make sure that the long weekend wasn’t wasted, I booked myself onto a pasta making course at Jamie Oliver’s Recipease. Recipease is  a new venture by Jamie and is best described as a cookery school/shop on the high street.

Currently they have 3 locations – 2 in London and 1 in Brighton.

At 3pm we arrived ready to start and were led to the back of the store where cookery benches were set up. After washing our hands and putting on our aprons, we were given a free glass of wine and introduced to our chef, Ava.

Ava assured us how easy pasta making was, and that we would be pasta masters in no-time (I was dubious!) but after giving us a demonstration, and talking us through the steps it didn’t seem as difficult as I first thought.

In an hour and a half, we learnt how to make our own pasta (with ricotta, mint and pea filling) from scratch which is surprisingly easy- literally it’s only an egg and 100g of pasta flour (!) and how to make it into traditional pasta shapes such as tortellini and ravioli.

The hour and a half went really quickly, and Ava was a brilliant teacher, not only did the pasta turn out great, but during our time a member of our group smashed a glass, and water started pouring in through the ceiling!

Having been given a pasta maker by my mother-in-law a couple of years ago, i’m ashamed to say that it’s sat in the cupboard under the sink never seeing the light of day. In fact it’s never once been out of its box but after going on this lesson I feel confident to get it out, and start whipping up some spaghetti shapes!


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